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Unwanted Discovery

Unwanted Discovery - Book One (second edition)

Sharon Cooper and her daughter, Callie, nearly bit off more than they could chew when they started to inventory Sharon’s mother’s estate. A series of unwanted discoveries begins when they find old letters in the attic. Hidden and locked away throughout the mansion are more secrets about Sharon’s family than she ever imagined. How could Sharon have grown up here and not be aware of the mystery, intrigue and scandal within these walls?

ISBN - Paperback - 978-1312214521

ISBN - eBook - 978-1312238930

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Old man

Unwanted House Guest - Book Two

What would you do if an unpleasant relative suddenly appeared at your front door with a suitcase? In Unwanted House Guest - Book Two of The Unwanted Series, this happens to the Cooper family. Join them as they try to deal with Ralph’s arrival. The consequences of his worsening attitude, life-threatening habits and escalating emergencies soon put the entire family in danger. And why is Pierre still interested in the Mansion?

ISBN - Paperback - 978-1312164857

ISBN - eBook - 978-1312271142

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In the Works:

Unwanted Agenda - Book Three

After six years of no contact, Charlotte's abusive ex arrives unexpectedly, claiming he wants to reconnect with their sons, Josh and Cal. Sharon and her family help Charlotte discover and deal with his hidden agenda.


Unwanted Family - Book Four (working title)

Vera Richardson survived a gunshot wound to the abdomen but she doesn't remember what happened. She must rely on the statements of her husband and sister. But where is her sister? And why is her husband filing for divorce? Sharon Cooper and her family help her sort it out.



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