The Unwanted Series

“Andy slammed on his brakes, but the old woman went down anyway.”
How could this single incident escalate into a series of life-changing events for the Cooper family? They are soon forced to face decades-long secrets, lies, blackmail, greed, murder, heartbreak, newfound relatives, criminal activity, intractable relatives, illness, and shocking family history.
Join the Cooper family as they work through the challenges that life throws their way as secrets emerge. When, how, and if they all come to light, how will the Coopers be affected?


Unwanted Discovery - Book One (second edition)

Unwanted Discovery

My name is Sharon Cooper. How do I start? My mother disowned me when I moved out at 18 and my dad passed away 15 years ago. But things really took a turn for the worse when I had to inventory my mother’s mansion. Thank goodness my daughter, Callie, was able to help me get through all of it.
I can’t believe I grew up in that house without ever knowing about any of the life-changing secrets I discovered within those walls: decades-long secrets, unbelievable family history, unknown relatives, connections to the mob, greed, blackmail, and murder. Now, how do I handle what I’ve learned?

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Unwanted House Guest - Book Two

Old man

I’m Sharon Cooper and I love my husband, Jack. But his father, Ralph, is another story. How he raised my husband to be such a nice man is beyond me. Needless to say, I was floored when he showed up at our doorstep one night insisting that he stay with us. I don’t work outside the home, so I went to Jack’s mother, Cora, to find out what happened and maybe figure out how to get Ralph back home. Little did I realize how difficult that would be, or how much it would change our lives.

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Unwanted Agenda - Book Three

Man at Door

I’m Sharon Cooper and my half-sister, Charlotte, is a sweetheart; but she’s had a challenging past. Her ex-husband, Kurt, was abusive, but through extraordinary circumstances, she was able to divorce him six years ago. He was out of the picture all that time and she remarried a sweet and gentle man. Out of the blue, Kurt reappeared wanting to reconnect with their two sons, Josh and Cal. Josh remembers what he was like and wants nothing to do with him. But Cal is excited about seeing his real dad. Charlotte’s anxiety is over the top, but uncle Rudy helps us figure out Kurt’s agenda.

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Unwanted Family - Book Four

Unwanted Family coverVera Carelli survived a gunshot blast to the abdomen, but she doesn't remember how it happened. She must rely on the statements of her philandering husband and his controlling family. Everyone says her sister shot her. She thought her sister was her best friend, but where is she now? And why is her husband filing for divorce?
Thinking she's just encouraging Vera, Callie Cooper soon finds out there is more involved than just a family squabble, and she gets drawn into more intrigue than she’s prepared to handle – lies, cover-ups, and underworld connections.
Did you ever wonder why Alice was so conniving? Georgia tells tells all. You'll never guess what prompts her confession.

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Unwanted Sister - Book Five

Unwanted Sister coverCallie Cooper’s first important job as a P.I. has her traveling to Newport, Oregon, where her grandmother's cousin has been arrested for murdering her husband. Callie’s uncle Rudy has been grooming her in the business; but since he is unavailable to help, he’s letting her use his old beach cabin while she works the case.
Last year, Gary, her next door neighbor, professed his love for her; and she's still trying to sort out her feelings for him. And now he’s accompanying her to Newport, Oregon. They soon realize that the facts of the case don't add up; but before they can finish their investigation, she realizes there is a dangerous stalker after her. Is Callie in over her head?

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