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Unwanted Discovery

Unwanted Discovery, Book One:

When Sharon Cooper finds old letters in her estranged mother's attic, it sets off a series of unwanted discoveries. She learns more about her parents than she wants to know. Who are those three girls?  What does that private investigator know? She suspects her husband is keeping a secret from her. Will she find out what it is? How do blackmail and murder from over 15 years ago lead to today's events?

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This book is temporarily unavailable online. If you'd like one, you can go to one of the book stores that has them or email us for an author-signed copy.


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Old man

Unwanted House Guest, Book Two:

Jack Cooper must take in his father, Ralph. Why did Jack's mother throw him out? Jack's brothers don't want him and they dump all the responsibility on Jack and his family. Ralph's cantankerous attitude, life threatening habits and hospital visits go from bad to worse as Ralph pulls them into a series of emergencies. And Pierre is back. (tentatively available 2014)

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In the Works:

Unwanted Agenda, Book Three:

After six years of no contact, Charlotte's ex arrives unexpectedly to reconnect with their sons, Josh and Cal. Sharon and her family help Charlotte discover and deal with his hidden agenda.


Unwanted Family, Book Four (working title):

Vera Richardson survived a gunshot wound to the abdomen but she doesn't remember what happened. She must rely on the statements of her husband and sister. But where is her sister? And why is her husband filing for divorce? Sharon Cooper and her family help her sort it out.




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